Time and Attendance Software Solutions from C.T.E. Systems, Inc.

Workforce Management Solutions For A Wide Range Of Organizations
No matter how large an organization is, or what industry is being served, labor is always the key factor when it comes to delivering higher quality products faster and more efficiently. With years of experience, no one understands workforce optimization better than C.T.E. Systems and can help you select the right solution to address your most critical workforce-related challenges.

Keeping accurate and accessible records on your employees is crucial to protecting your business and bottom line. Return On Investment

Whether you’re looking for a basic time attendance monitoring system ideal for small to mid-sized organizations, or an enterprise-class workforce management system suited for large organizations in dispersed locations, C.T.E. Systems can provide a solution tailored to your company’s unique requirements.

Small and Mid-Sized Business Solutions
C.T.E. Systems’ Small Business Packages and Web-Hosted Services are cost-effective, easily deployed and easy to use applications that automate all time attendance monitoring system needs. These solutions interface to most popular payroll and financial software packages and can be used with or without time clock terminals based on your company’s requirements.

For Mid-Sized Companies, or if your time and attendance needs are broader and more complex, C.T.E. Systems offers web-based, client-server or desktop solutions that include a multitude of business rule options and utilities.

Enterprise Solutions for Large Organizations
For Large Organizations, C.T.E. Systems offers Attendance Enterprise, a comprehensive solution for employee populations over one thousand. This flexible web-based workforce management solution is designed to help clients get the most from their workforce, offers tightly integrated, real-time workforce management analytics, and automates an organization’s most complex pay rules without costly, time-consuming customizations to core code.

Web-Hosted Time and Attendance Service
Attendance on Demand is a web-hosted time and attendance service with full capabilities for labor management, scheduling, timekeeping, accruals, incidents, budgets and more. It includes added features and is sold as a service with monthly per-employee billing.

Specialized Industry Solutions
C.T.E. Systems has implemented thousands of time and attendance solutions for clients with unique requirements and draws upon this background and wealth of knowledge to generate creative and imaginative solutions for many specialized industries. It’s what C.T.E. Systems is known for.