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Providing Workforce Management Solutions since 1958
C.T.E. Systems, Inc. has provided intuitive time and attendance solutions that easily and quickly allow supervisors to manage employees’ time and attendance with accuracy, calculate job and labor data to control expenses, and prepare timely payrolls with unmatched reliability. The sole focus of C.T.E. Systems is on time and attendance and related system integrations providing an unparalleled level of expertise and inherent knowledge of customer requirements.

C.T.E. Systems, Inc. core suite of software products, Attendance Enterprise™ is easily deployed, with the ability to perform complex and diverse rule handling. Enterprise Edition has become a leading labor management solution suited to clients of any size, in any category. Also offered is Attendance on Demand™, a web-hosted time and attendance service for cost-effective, highly secure labor management that can be individually customized for each client, region, industry and size of organization.

C.T.E. Systems, Inc. offers a wide variety of data collection options for use with Attendance Enterprise including standard swipe time clocks, biometric time clocks, telephony and online timesheets, as well as Attendance On Demand, an Internet browser-based data collection system. With a well-rounded selection of data collection products, C.T.E. Systems, Inc. has a method that fits your culture and work environment.

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