PPACA Shared Responsibility

Ensuring Healthcare Reform Compliance

KitchenStaffAs the impact of healthcare reform increases, employers must prepare for their new obligations and responsibilities under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA). Time and attendance strategies can help design determination, measurement, and reporting processes to assist employers overcome these challenges. A primary challenge for employers is determining which employees are considered full-time under the Act and must be offered coverage. The PPACA Shared Responsibility white paper examines the expanded “determination process” which the IRS suggests for four different types of employees and how a time and attendance system can ease the process, providing data for accurate decision-making and supporting your organization’s due diligence.
Labor law and compliance are hot topics for companies today. The Department of Labor Wage and Hour Division has stepped up its compliance investigations and many organizations face increased risk of scrutiny and financial fallout.

Check out these resources to see how Attendance on Demand from C.T.E. Systems can help answer several PPACA compliance questions.
Why Not Payroll? Benefits of Using Time & Attendance Data for PPACA Compliance A time and attendance system can assist employers with managing employee status, responding to audits and complying with other calendar-based reporting requirements
Avoiding Compliance Issues-Challenges in Today’s Hospitality Industry How can hospitality employers avoid non-compliance allegations with the help of a time and attendance system?
PPACA and Educational Employers: Which Employees Qualify for Coverage? PPACA regulations have increased the need for time and attendance oversight in every organization and will be one of the biggest challenges facing school districts
PPACA Hourly Threshold. Strategies for managing coverage eligibility of part-time workers in retail, hospitality and health care

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