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When managing shift workers in a fast-paced environment, accurate timekeeping is critical. Managing labor resources, whether employees are remote, onsite, or mobile, through smart scheduling is also important. An Attendance solution from C.T.E. Systems presents labor data in a way that is immediately useful to managers and is critical to gaining a competitive edge.

434_3004985Our innovative and easy-to-use Attendance solutions provide front line managers with the tools and visibility they need to measure and monitor performance. Various time card entry sheets capture time in the way that makes sense for them. Simple time sheets track In and Out punches. Allocation sheets allow time to be allocated to different projects. Employees can even enter tips, meals, mileage and other dollar-based amounts.




Easy Labor Cost Control for Managers

  • Schedule staff based on revenue estimates.
  • Determine staffing levels based on your staffing goals.
  • Budget for real-time cost tracking and control.

Peace of Mind for the IT Department

Because Attendance on Demand is a pay-as-you-go service, you pay for an employee’s time and attendance service only when he is actively employed, reducing your costs during lower-revenue periods.

Convenience for Employees



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