Hospitality & Food Service

Hospitality organizations use tight scheduling around guest occupancy and events to maintain profitability. Top-quality Customer service is key to repeat business. Easy-to-use Coverage Budgets let you use guest reservations and occupancy to calculate and schedule the right people at the right time and in the right place.609_3770078

  • CoverageBudgets calculates hours required to fill staffing metrics.
  • Adjust staffing as necessary to meet your needs without incurring excessive overtime.
  • Management has total access to wages, hours worked, and schedules of housekeeping, guest relations, maintenance, and other hospitality workers.

An Extra Eye on Employees

  • Time clock devices can prevent punches at unauthorized times.
  • Software can pay to schedule
  • Biometric time clocks prevent buddy punching.
  • Adequate break time and shift rules for young employees are easy to track and enforce.
  • Optional Incidents & Points module automatically tracks employee adherence to attendance policies, giving demerits as needed.

You pay as you go by employee, allowing for seasonal fluctuations in required staffing levels.


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