Today’s healthcare organizations employ diverse individuals, are often open 24 hours a day, and face sweeping legislative, demographic, and economic changes that are transforming the industry., The Affordable Care Act, reduced reimbursements and an aging population each have an impact. Scheduling necessary nursing and skilled staff to meet mandated staff-to-patient ratios can be challenging. Union employees like medical assistants and nurses often get hourly wage increases when they work at certain times of the day or week. Keeping track of these wage changes is complicated. Your success navigating through these changes will depend on how efficient you are in delivering quality care. An attendance solution from C.T.E. Systems simplifies employee time tracking for the healthcare industry.
The impact of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) has created new obligations and responsibilities for employers. Time and attendance strategies can help design determination, measurement, and reporting processes to assist employers overcome these challenges. Comply with the Affordable Care Act by providing accurate information about average hours worked by full-time and part-time employees, and allowing managers to monitor schedules, time records and benefits enrollment in real time

A Powerful Tool for Nurse Schedulers

Help your nurse scheduler minimize labor costs with Attendance on Demand. The system can help you:

  • Staff adequately to meet mandated coverage standards.
  • Measure actual PPD hours and scheduled PPD hours in real time.
  • Locate replacement nurse candidates when absences or census changes dictate additional staff.
  • Ensure adequate coverage when granting time off requests.

Pain Relief for the Payroll Department Hospital personnel

Reduce the hospital system’s exposure to increasing lawsuits regarding federal labor laws and union rules. Save the payroll department time by:

  • Automating accurate calculation of overtime rates.
  • Automating Baylor pay calculations and complex shift differentials.
  • Simplifying FMLA tracking for employees.
  • Integrating seamlessly with payroll and HR systems.
  • Allowing employees to access their own vacation and sick time balances.
  • Automating the leave request process.

Convenience for Medical Staff

Web-enabled time clock devices allow employees to punch with no installation hassles. Employees with many changes between departments or cost centers can track their own workgroup transfers using online timesheets, available from their web browsers.

A workforce management solution from C.T.E. System provides you with the tools necessary to:

  • Reduce labor costs by capturing actual time worked and accurately applying work and pay rules
  • Minimize compliance risk to meet mandated staffing ratios and other state and federal regulations
  • Improve workforce productivity by aligning staffing assignments to resident demand
  • Deliver quality resident care by attracting, selecting, and retaining only the best caregivers.



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