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In labor-intensive industries such as distribution and transportation, management and administration of a dispersed labor force becomes a critical element in determining the profitability of a company. Labor represents the single largest operating cost and also your largest controllable expense, but is also essential to providing sound customer service. That is why managing and scheduling your workforce is both a significant and complex task in determining your bottom line.

Complex work and pay rules, shorter lead times, unionized environments, multifaceted scheduling and compliance issues are the challenges addressed by Attendance On Demand or Attendance Enterprise from C.T.E. Systems, Inc.

Distribution and transportation firms enjoy the following benefits from C.T.E. Systems, Inc:

  • Optimize scheduling. Match labor resources to work volume and make labor adjustments to meet delivery deadlinesUntitled
  • Reduce Labor Costs. Provide accurate and timely application of pay and work rules to eliminate over payments, excess overtime, errors in payroll.
  • Automate. Eliminate unrelated and inaccurate employee management systems across divisions with one scalable, automated Attendance solution that can help you make better operational decisions in real time.
  • Lower exposure to employee grievances and union violations. Ensure consistent adherence to company policies and union work rules for state and federal laws, including FMLA and the State of California Rest Meal Period requirements.
  • Consistently apply payroll policies and rules. Hours and wage rule compliance throughout all locations is automated and consistent when a threshold for violation is approached, providing for proactive resolution.
  • Employee Self Service (ESS) provides a way that employees can punch virtually using a web browser.
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