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With over 50 years of experience and thousands of customer installations, C.T.E. Systems, Inc. understands the unique, real-world business challenges faced by companies infdas. most specific business sectors. Whether the issue is a general industry requirement, or a specific departmental need, C.T.E. Systems is in a unique position to offer fresh, creative solutions that impact the bottom line,

Small and medium-sized companies such as a hospitality business with seasonal employees can access our cloud-based Attendance On Demand service for a cost-effective monthly rate and only pay for the employees managed and the services requested. C.T.E. Systems manages your attendance system through the cloud, coordinates upgrades and enhancements so you always have the latest software and allows you to quickly reach your workforce goals, for a rapid return on investment. Read More

Moreover, manufacturers, professional firms and healthcare providers may opt for the Attendance Enterprise licensed desktop product as the right solution to obtain optimum impact. User profiles in diverse industries face different challenges and complex rules structures which are automated through the Attendance Enterprise system and saves labor costs while accessing just-in-time statistics that help make critical business decisions. The user profiles for payroll managers, supervisors, and team leaders are designed to make day-to-day decisions easier. Attendance Enterprise fits any size organization—purchase the user accounts and number of employees your company needs. Attendance Enterprise scales to accommodate the size of your workforce.

C.T.E. Systems, Inc. can help:

  • Manufacturers streamline processes, improve workforce productivity and contain costs
  • Hospitality businesses put the right people in the right place at the right time
  • Retailers increase operational efficiencies, boost profit margins and get a better return on their labor investment
  • Healthcare providers simplify the complexities of workforce management and react quickly to changing conditions.
  • Professional and financial firms maximize the value of their people.


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