Labor Management App for Supervisors

Real Time Notifications, Real Advantages

Whether on the road or at work, supervisors aren’t always at their desks. Manager Mobile provides them with real-time notification using mobile phone alert settings—vibration, sound, badge—letting supervisors take action, no matter where they are.

Adaptive and Actionable

It’s adaptive. The Manager Mobile home screen changes based on what the supervisor needs to do.

Proactive alerts notify supervisors only when they need to take action… handle absences, fix missing punches, approve employee edits, or read messages. Supervisors can tackle critical absences and attendance matters right from their
mobile phone.


Timely Information, Better Decisions

Accurate and timely information is essential to making the best choices. Manager Mobile immediately notifies supervisors when events happen and issues can be handled right in the app. Logging into the Attendance on Demand desktop isn’t necessary. But when you need to, notifications can also be viewed in the desktop dashboard or delivered through email.

Taking Charge of Your Tasks, Your Team, Your Work Day

The Manager Mobile home screen can be set up with functions that supervisors need for accurate and efficient labor management.

The My Tasks area displays notification of an employee’s late arrival, call in, absence, or an edit to his or her time card. My Tasks provides predefined responses to notifications such as:

  • Adding a missing punch
  • Replying to a message
  • Acknowledging/addressing an exception
  • Addressing/dismissing an employee call-in notification
  • Approving an employee-added punch

The My Team area can filter and display lists of employees available to work, previous period time cards needing approvals, approaching overtime and so on. My Team provides group functions such as:

  • Sending a message to selected or all employees
  • Performing a group edit such as approve time cards
  • Drilling down to an employee time card or schedule

The Daily Snapshots area presents items such as daily worked or schedule hours, employees working, or leave requests.

Supervisors can also access standard functions such as log off, change password, employee search, and manage notifications, right on their mobile phone.

Where to Download the Mobile Manager App

Manager Mobile is available in Apple’s App Store and in Google Play. Once C.T.E. Systems specialists have set up mobile configuration for your organization in Attendance on Demand, supervisors can download the app, enter their employer’s URL, their user name and password. The app then accesses Attendance on Demand to complete the supervisor-specific setup.

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