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Time clock devices from C.T.E. Systems collect employee time and attendance data, control labor costs by minimizing data entry errors and reduce the time and cost of data collection. Our collection devices fit your unique work enviroIntelliTouch70nment, simplify punching In and Out and provide additional functions for supervisors and employees.

These terminal devices work seamlessly with Attendance Enterprise and Attendance On Demand.
Touch Screens. The IntelliTouch 70 is an industrial grade time recorder. It provides a resistive touch screen display with 10 customizable function keys and pop-up keyboard for entering numbers and letters. Employees and supervisors can perform basic time and attendance tasks like punching and transferring. Other comprehensive functions like fixing missed punches and requesting leave can be done right at the clock.
The IntelliTouch 70 has a capacity of approximately 1,000 employees. Multiple language supports lets you communicate with your diverse workforce. Real time communication means information is up to date and ensures compliance with Meal and Break rules. Biometrics-Ending Time Theft and Controlling Security.

Biometric Hand Readers Biometric hand reader technology eliminates buddy punching.3_HandPunch_Backdrops Advanced biometric technology stores the unique geometry of each employee’s hand in a template. This template is later used to identify that employee. Employees no longer have to carry badges or ID cards.

The employee simply types an ID number and places a hand on the time clock. If the hand matches the template stored in the clock’s memory, the employee is punched In or Out. The WebNet HandPunch operates well in any environment and is a good choice for those who want a full-featured and durable clock. IDpunch 9: Affordable time clock that takes a Punch—and does more. For less.

Biometric Finger Readers Biometric finger reader technology eliminates the cost IT3100 fingerAof lost cards and prevents buddy punching. These readers identify each employee using a unique digital finger template. Employees must be present to punch.

The I.T. 3100 is an industrial grade time recorder that provides ATM-style function keys and can operate in any kind of industrial environment. The Intelligent Terminal I.T. 3100. Intelligence at the Source of Data Collection

PIN Time Clocks Personal identification number (PIN) technology eliminates the need for badges. Employees enter PINs directly into the clock’s keypad to punch or transfer workgroups. PIN time clocks are easy to maintain and affordable.What’s more, PIN entry is available as a backup for many other clock types. For example, if the finger reader template is not yet enrolled for an employee, the employee’s PIN can be used in the meantime.All time clock devices offered By C.T.E. Systems collect punches using PIN entry

Proximity Readers Proximity readers require employees to use proximity badges to verify their identity. Employees pass a key fob or other proximity badge near the time clock to punch In and Out. The proximity device emits a radio frequency, which identifies it to the time clock. Proximity devices are often used with access control systems. The IntelliTouch 70 and I.T. 3100 devices offer proximity readers.

Magnetic Strip Readers Magnetic stripe reader technology is convenient and cost-effective. Magnetic swipe cards work like a credit card: employees swipe the badge with the stripe through the card reader to identify themselves. Magnetic strip readers are included on the IntelliTouch 70, I.T. 3100 and IDpunch 9 devices.

Bar Code Readers Barcode technology is convenient for organizations that use employee badges. The employee swipes the card through the barcode card reader to punch or transfer. The IntelliTouch 70, IDpunch 9 and I.T. 3100 devices offer bar code technology. Read about the IDpunch 9

  • Employee Online Time Sheets Employee Self Service or Kiosk allows employees to punch In and Out, view their time cards, check paid time off balances, and request time off using Internet Explorer. You decide what features to make available to each employee. Employee Self Service can be used from any location—at home, at satellite offices, on the road—and can be limited to the locations you specify.Kiosk is accessed from common areas like lunch rooms. Individual PINs permit employees to access only their own information.
    • Efficiently collect information from employees with access to a PC
    • Reduce requests for archived time and attendance information by providing historical data to employees online
    • Provide benefit usage and balance information on demand
    • Allow employees to request time off online

    Download the Employee Self Service product sheet

  • Telephone Time Clocks Your mobile and dispersed workforce use their own phone to punch in, check schedules, and more. This is an ideal and practical solution for agricultural, healthcare, construction, service, or any industry with mobile workers.
    • Punch in using any phone or cell phone.
    • Automate time sheets — no more paper.
    • Provide Employee Self Service by phone.

    Check out ESS Mobile for iOS and Android


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