Optional Modules

C.T.E. Systems offers optional modules for Attendance on Demand that extend your system and provide you with advanced features for managing your workforce, higher productivity, and labor cost savings.

Leave Management

The Attendance on Demand Leave Management module automates employee time off requests through Employee Self Services, eliminating paperwork while improving the communication of essential information to both the manager and the employee. Enhanced communication means improved employee relations.

Leave Management helps to maintain coverage and ensure productivity while honoring employee leave requests. Supervisors can easily compare same day requests, analyze departmental schedules and coverage, and assess pending and scheduled leave for the employee. The leave approval view makes it easy.

Increase ROI with Automated Leave Management An automated leave management process is a structured, system-guided process that reduces errors, costs and personnel involvement

Leave Management product sheet

Benefit Accruals

With complex time-off policies, the goal is to apply employee paid time off and leave rules accurately, consistently and cost-effectively. Attendance on Demand Benefit Accruals module automatically calculates virtually any series of conditions and rules for accumulating benefit time and compliance with Federal, California, and City sick pay requirements. Accrual rates and tracking can vary based on job position, seniority, employment status, or a variety of other conditions.

Organizations can achieve the following results immediately:

  • Improved Productivity and Accuracy. A configurable engine calculates company-defined leave rules, automating all record keeping. Accuracy increases by eliminating error-prone manual calculations.
  • Customized Calculations. Attendance on Demand addresses even the most complex set of benefit accrual conditions — no matter the variety of policies.
  • Real-Time Tracking. Benefit balances are available for each day of employment, letting organizations deliver real-time balances to managers and employees.
  • Increased Flexibility. Benefits, accrual rates and tracking can vary based on job position, seniority, or employment status, and by other groupings. Accrual rates can also be based on employee activity such as worked hours, scheduled hours, or unscheduled shifts. Organizations can automate maximum accrual amounts, yearly carryover, and borrowing benefits.
  • Robust Reporting. Attendance on Demand reporting tools let organizations retrieve and analyze leave-related employee data

showing instantly which employees have high or low leave balances. Employee Self Service empowers employees with instant access to available leave time balances.

Download the Benefit Accruals product sheet

Employee Self Services

Take the pressure off Human Resources and managers by providing employees with up-to-date time and attendance, benefit, and schedule information.

Empower Your Employees.

Attendance on Demand Employee Self Service(ESS) provides your employees with convenient and secure access to their attendance and benefit information. Your employees can punch or enter hours worked; transfer to different departments; access their schedule, benefit, and archived time card information; request time off; enter expense information and initiate a private message dialog with their manager. Customized for your business.

Use Kiosk to provide employees access to limited Employee Self Service-type information from a centrally located computer.

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Mobile Apps for Employees and Supervisors

Work is no longer a building or an office. Today, work is the tools you use whenever and wherever you are.
Attendance on Demand offers several mobile apps for time tracking and labor management. These apps play an important role in keeping lines of communication open between employees and managers. You can download our mobile apps in the Apple App store or Google Play.
Secure, easy to use, maintenance-free, these apps are connected to Attendance on Demand to ensure data captured by the app for accurate recordkeeping, reporting, and payroll. These mobile apps are designed to meet the demands of the mobile worker and be as mobile as you are.
ESS Mobile can be set up to include the functions that various employees need for accurate and efficient time tracking.
Manager Mobile: Labor management for supervisors

Where to Download the ESS Mobile and Manager Mobile Apps

ESS Mobile is available in Apple’s App Store and in Google Play. Once C.T.E. Systems has set up mobile configuration in Attendance on Demand, employees can download the app, enter their employer’s identification number, employee ID, and password or PIN. The app then accesses Attendance on Demand to complete the employee-specific setup.


Incidents & Points

The Incidents & Points module measures employee attendance activity against corporate attendance policies and automates enforcement.

  • Determine the rules or events that are negative or positive for your organization. Apply points for certain behaviors, tardies and absences for instance.
  • Deduct points for other behaviors, such as perfect attendance, no tardies or unexcused absences.
  • Review point balances in summary sheets.

Incidents & Points Overview. Learn how to track unexcused absences to identify trends, manage policies.


Coverage Budgets

For scheduling and measuring labor. Schedule employees efficiently and analyze your labor costs.

  • Budgets set targets for worked time or paid time off for a group of employees.
  • Compare labor budget to employee schedules, as well as to actual hours employees work.


Custom Report Writer

Create precisely the right report with the Custom Report Writer. Choose the information you want displayed and see the report built in real time.

  • Group information in a way that makes sense to your staff.
  • Subtotal reports in a meaningful way.
  • Choose the departments and date range to cover.
  • Include employee schedule, time card, benefit, or contact information
  • Save the report for future use.
  • Make the report available to other users or save it for your own access.



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Optional Modules

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