Mobile Apps for Employees and Supervisors

Work is no longer a building or an office. Today, work is the tools you use whenever and wherever you are.

Attendance on Demand offers several mobile apps for time tracking and labor management. These apps play an important role in keeping lines of communication open between employees and managers. You can download our mobile apps in the Apple App store or Google Play.

Secure, easy to use, maintenance-free, these apps are connected to Attendance on Demand to ensure data captured by the app for accurate recordkeeping, reporting, and payroll. These mobile apps are designed to meet the demands of the mobile worker and be as mobile as you are.

ESS Mobile can be set up to include the functions that various employees need for accurate and efficient time tracking.
Manager Mobile: Labor management for supervisors

Where to Download the ESS Mobile and Manager Mobile Apps
ESS Mobile is available in Apple’s App Store and in Google Play. Once C.T.E. Systems has set up mobile configuration in Attendance on Demand, employees can download the app, enter their employer’s identification number

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