Customized for your organization and users, dashboards highlight important information, allowing you to easily drill down to take action.

Payroll Monitor

This dashboard gives payroll managers a holistic view of payroll, scheduling, and human resources information in a single screen. Each statistic is linked to more detail.

“The dashboard lets me know if my department has any missing punches. I look in one spot, and with one click I can fix the time cards. It’s really fast.”

  • Critical issues, which need correction before payroll is exported, are highlighted.
  • Red warns of errors that must be fixed; yellow indicates that investigation may needed; green means payroll is ready to go.
  • The payroll export is initiated in one click.

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Calendar Dashboard

The Calendar Dashboard provides supervisors a snapshot of the most important attendance management issues in their area.

  • Check the number of schedules to see if it is adequate for labor coverage.
  • Call in replacements for absent employees.
  • Review leave requests.
  • Clear any critical exceptions from the previous day.
Critical issues are highlighted in red

Critical issues are highlighted in red

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