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Reduce Labor Costs and Improve Employee Attendance…Anytime, Anywhere

cteAttendance on Demand from C.T.E. Systems is a cloud-based time and attendance service for highly secure, cost-effective workforce management and provides you the single-source access you need to make better, more informed decisions.

Attendance on Demand automates the labor-intensive business processes with consistent, real-time employee data that improves employee time tracking, controls overtime, improves employee attendance habits, and reduces labor expenses. You always have access to the latest solution upgrades and workforce management tools for higher productivity and labor cost savings.

You gain a competitive advantage, the ability to implement your workforce goals faster and benefit from a rapid return on your investment.

System Highlights

Easy Access, Easy Maintenance

There is no software to buy, no upfront investments in licenses, servers, or hardware. There is no need for costly maintenance. Monthly subscription rates are cost-effective, consistent, and predictable making budgeting easier. Pay only for the employees that you manage.Powerful time and attendance management tools are at the ready whenever or wherever employees, supervisors, or managers need to track and manage the workforce. And, all at a predictable monthly expense.
It’s all managed by C.T.E. Systems, so you benefit from many advantages including:

  • Reduce the need for additional IT resources and infrastructure
  • Reach your workforce goals faster with unmatched availability and security
  • You always have the latest software and enhancements to help you improve workforce productivity, and control labor cost.
  • Unrivaled solution expertise and effective support that can help your staff to focus on core business strategies.

Integrate Seamlessly With HR and Payroll

Attendance on Demand easily integrates with your existing payroll, human resources, and other key office systems. You can fully leverage your investment by sourcing employee information from your existing HR system and seamlessly transferring it to payroll — whether your payroll is done in-house or by a payroll company.

Collect Time and Attendance Data Your Way

Select from a broad range of time clocks designed for today’s cloud-centric infrastructure, for securely collecting time and attendance and other important employee data. Time clock options from C.T.E. Systems fit your unique work environment, and reduce the time and costs of data collection. Choose the method that works for your company and your employees:

Safe, Secure Data

All information sent between your computer and Attendance on Demand servers is automatically encrypted.

  • Highly secure hosting environment. Attendance on Demand is built with advanced servers and is hosted in both our primary data center and separate disaster recovery facility, for immunity against prolonged power outages, flooding, fire, and other natural disasters. Attendance on Demand ensures both the physical security of the data and a consistent uptime for the applications. In addition, these data centers also undergo multiple certifications and complete arduous audits to ensure compliance and safeguarding of data.
  • Advanced firewall technology. Layers of firewall and Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) are deployed to control access and protect the solution from exploitation.
  • Timely backups. The server environment and all database maintenance are continuously monitored to ensure data protection.
  • Data safety and integrity that are hard to match with internal hosting. Having a true multi-tenant architecture enables us to provide you the most up-to-date version of the software while ensuring that data from one company cannot be accessed by any other companies.
  • Secure employee information. The system was purposely designed so that enabling cookies — text strings sent to your browser — is not necessary.

To learn more about the technology and security measures in the Cloud, view this new White Paper : Cloud-Based Security
How C.T.E Helps.

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