Attendance Enterprise delivers critical information through core time and attendance features

enterpriseAttendance Enterprise is a full-featured time and attendance system that improves employee time tracking, scheduling and reporting. Attendance Enterprise delivers critical information through core time and attendance features.

Workforce Management

  • Labor expenses typically represent the largest percent of an organization’s cost. Controlling overtime means you stay within budget and maximize profitability using the right people in the right place at the right time. Attendance Enterprise tracks labor activities through intuitive labor summaries, time cards, employee historical calendars, time card archives, and flexible employee or group scheduling.
  • Track departmental transfers to support the borrowing and lending of employees
  • Analyze actual vs. scheduled labor costs and actual vs. budgeted labor costs
  • Define labor ratios to match industry standards or to measure in terms meaningful to your company
  • Use dashboards for at-a-glance views of your workforce statistics
  • Easily see departmental labor breakdowns, labor hours and dollars by pay designation, and more.



Payroll Policies

Attendance Enterprise time and attendance software has a parameter engine that automatically handles even the most complex HR and payroll policies.

  • Automate employee pay rates and rate changes mandated by complex labor contracts
  • Maintain unassailable wage and hour records
  • Assist in compliance with labor regulations such as FMLA and FLSA
  • Generate reporting for wage and hour claims, wrongful termination litigation, and other legal inquiries

Parameter settings reflect your pay guidelines, attendance policies and benefit policies. Your payroll policies can include special rules for overtime, lunch and break periods, rounding, flex time, holiday pay, shift differentials, special premiums, and so on. Best of all, parameter settings are easily changed whenever company policies or labor contracts change.


Excessive overtime is easily identified and supervisors can drill down to investigate.


When an employee is assigned a schedule, Attendance Enterprise automatically compares it to worked hours, identifying employees who are tardy, leave early, take long lunch hours or are absent.

  • Instantly view, create and change schedules for single employees and for groups of employees by the day, week, month or customized time period
  • Create ongoing, repeating schedule patterns for employees who regularly work the same hours
  • Schedule an employee once, and never worry about it again
  • View schedules of available employees when a worker requests time off

Time and Attendance Reports

Attendance Enterprise provides over 50 real-time workforce management reports with options for customizing both content and format. Our time and attendance software system makes it easy to create and automate a broad range of reports.

Time Card Reports Time card reports track employee punch activities, exceptions, rate transfers, credits, and supervisor edits.

Workforce Management Reports Workforce management reports collect information on specific exceptions, benefits, and wage information or review employee historical information.

Scheduling Reports Scheduling reports review employee schedules, review coverage for shifts, compare actual hours to scheduled coverage, and review daily scheduled hours.

Cost Tracking Reports Cost tracking reports track dollars and hours, report historical pay information, calculate gross dollars, and review actual versus scheduled hours.

Budget Forecast Reports Budget and forecast reports track your labor budget.

Custom Report Writer Module Create precisely the right report with the flexible Custom Report Writer module. It is fast and easy to create and automate reports to help you track and analyze payroll and labor information instantly. Choose the information you want displayed and see the report built on your screen in real time.

Custom Report Writer Overview Read more about a flexible and easy way to get exactly the information you need.

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