Partner Alliances

C.T.E. Systems, Inc. maintains a resolute commitment to assisting our customers in effectively managing their workforce through world-class customer service and state-of-the-art product leadership. In this regard, C.T.E. Systems partners with proven industry leaders to complement the strengths of our solutions and provide the most effective time and attendance systems for your business. These partner alliances are carefully chosen and enable C.T.E. Systems to meet our customers' most complex requirements and exceed their expectations. C.T.E. Systems partners with these system and solution providers and demonstrates our commitment in providing total customer satisfaction.

InfoTronics, Inc. is a Farmington Hills-based developer of time and attendance software systems. For over 25 years, InfoTronics, Inc. has provided time and attendance software and data collection devices, and leads the industry with web-enabled, single-source time and attendance solutions. The company’s software and data collection devices help organizations remain competitive, increase profitability and sustain growth.


Attendance Enterprise™ from InfoTronics, Inc. is an integrated, web-enabled labor management system that automates the management and analysis of employee attendance data. Flexible data collection methods include badge readers, biometrics, online data entry and more.

Attendance on Demand™ from InfoTronics, Inc. is a web-hosted time and attendance service for secure, cost-effective labor management. Attendance on Demand Self Service empowers employees and managers on demand.

More than 15,000 organizations throughout North America use InfoTronics’ products for their time and attendance reporting needs.

Integrated Design, Inc. (IDI), an industry leader in employee data integration, provides interfaces for employee information systems. Their Time Bank software uses your existing IT investments, is a simple and intuitive solution and supports more than 250 payroll, HR, and accounting systems. C.T.E. Systems, Inc. uses Time Bank interfaces for Attendance Enterprise payroll exports, ensuring that you can meet virtually any payroll service requirements.

Ingersoll Rand Recognition Systems, Inc. (IRRSI) is our supplier for time recorders that use hand reader technology—the RSI HandPunch series. We also have a marketing referral relationship with RSI. They provide us with leads to companies that are specifically interested in a time and attendance product.

Telliris delivers customer-ready, factory-integrated time and attendance time tracking IVR systems to companies of all sizes in many industries. Telliris Attend is a time and labor data collection interactive voice response (IVR) system. It is pre-integrated with Attendance Enterprise and, as a result, stands head and shoulders above any other telephone-based time and labor data collection solution.

Telephone-Based Time and Labor Data Collection
Telliris Attend is the only standardized time and labor data collection IVR product available on the market today. All other alternatives involve either custom programming or are limited in capability due to lack of IVR expertise and support.