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C.T.E. Systems, Inc. first opened its doors in 1958 as Cincinnati Time Equipment Co with the simple commitment of providing unrivaled customer service to California employers and organizations. This has always been at the core of our philosophy and is what differentiates C.T.E. Systems from its competition today. As a testament to this belief, we have a proven track record of assisting thousands of satisfied customers throughout California and the nation.

430_3166369Innovation has lead C.T.E. Systems from simple time clocks in the earlier years to today’s sophisticated licensed and cloud-based workforce management solutions, we help organizations across a variety of industries manage their most valuable, asset — their workforce. Our Systems Consultants literally know time and attendance inside and out, and make it simple. C.T.E. Systems does this by providing employers the automated tools they need to help them improve workforce productivity, control labor costs, and minimize compliance risk.

C.T.E. Systems has the seasoned resources to reduce the complexities of time and attendance transactions and allow you to concentrate on your core business while demanding more from your time tracking solution. To find out how, contact a C.T.E. Systems representative today.


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