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Small, Adaptive, Mobile

Transform and simplify how you track time and attendance on demand.

  • A cloud-based solution that fully automates employee time and labor tracking and scheduling, AOD is easy to deploy, easy to manage, so you focus on your core business goals.

Solutions for Today's Workforce. Innovative. Intuitive.

  • Constantly under pressure to do more, reduce labor budgets, and improve the bottom line, organizations are always seeking workforce management solutions that help automate and streamline manual tasks, reduce errors, and access real time information that provide managers the tools to be more productive and help their employees to do the same.
  • C.T.E Systems provides innovative solutions to companies and organizations of all sizes and industries better manage their workforce in the cloud.

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Time Clock Option for Today's Work Environment

  • We can help you choose the right time clock for your organization

Affordable Care Act Compliance for Employers.

  • Understand the impact of ACA deadlines, changes and key requirements on your business.

Resources and Tools.

  • Gain a deeper understanding of the workforce management issues, trends and technologies you face today.