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  • Time Clock Option for Today’s Work Environment

    Your time and attendance solution is only as accurate as the data fed into it. C.T.E. Systems can help you select the right time clock option for your organization—from a wall-mounted clock, biometrics, a mobile app, kiosk or a telephony system.

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    Gain a deeper understanding of the workforce management issues, trends and technologies you face today. Organized by category, so you can easily find what interests you.

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  • What’s Your Strategy for Part-Time Staffing under Affordable Care Act?

    Curbing costs of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) forces employers to create strategies that ensure part-timers stay part-time. But variable hour industries such as retail, hospitality, healthcare and more, face a conflict: Fulfill labor needs with part-time staff? Or follow budget and usage goals to maintain employees’ part-time status? Many businesses think they can do both. How? Rigidly limiting employee hours. But in reality, this strategy constantly backfires and can even work against the employer’s intentions.
    Read the latest white paper, which shares more about how to effectively manage a variable hour workforce. Limiting ACA Liability — Managing Part-Time and Seasonal Employees